When to Call for a Licensed Aircon Technician

Air conditioners are notorious for a lot of problems especially when they are poorly-maintained. That is why regular aircon servicing from a trusted aircon maintenance company in Singapore is a must if you want to extend the life of your air conditioner.

Here are the signs to look out for that need a licensed aircon technician.

Leaks. Some leaks are obvious because you will see traces of excess water or moisture and the air conditioner becomes noisy or emits a strange smell like wet socks. These signs point to a clogged drain that can cause problems with the condenser or the refrigerant which regulates the temperature of the air might be leaking out of the aircon. Call the nearest aircon servicing company in Singapore to fix the problem before the blockage damages the other parts of the machine.

Poor Air Flow. If the interior of the air conditioner seems fine and there are no leaks yet the quality of the air flow is low, you should probably check the exterior unit. Regular aircon servicing will prevent the buildup of debris that can obstruct air flow and degrade the home air cooling setup. Proper placement of the exterior unit is also important, that is why you should contact a reputable aircon technician if you need to install a new air conditioner.

Poor Air Quality. If the air conditioner cannot cool the room efficiently, there might be problems with the thermostat, the compressor, the refrigerant level or the fan motors. If left unchecked, the aircon repair can cost you more in the future or you might have to replace the air conditioner entirely. The thermostat should be calibrated regularly by an aircon maintenance company such as airconmaster.sg, while the refrigerant level checked in case there are leaks. Regular cleaning of the unit will also prevent this problem.

Failure to Turn On. If you have made sure that the air conditioner is plugged but won’t turn on or is turning on and off repeatedly, then you should check the filters too. The filter is supposed to keep out the debris and dirt from the interior of the unit, that is why it gets dirty even after a few days. Filters should be regularly cleaned and replaced by an aircon servicing company in Singapore to prevent problems.

Clogged Drains. Air conditioners used at home should get aircon servicing at least twice annually to prevent buildup of debris. Most problems that plague the air conditioner do not come from human error but from failure to keep it clean. Like any electronic machine, the air conditioner is prone to problems when there is a buildup of dust, lint, and dirt. If the drain line is poorly-maintained for example, it can cause the water to leak out and damage other parts.