Ways to Stop Doubting Yourself

It’s only natural that you doubt yourself from time to time. But doing it almost every day can mean a whole different story. Self-doubt really gives us too many things to worry about. Sometimes even, we miss more and more opportunities as we live life because we start being less confident about ourselves. Fortunately though, there are many things we can do to stop doubting ourselves. Here are only some of them.

Just do it!

If you’re meaning to do something and you already know you can succeed in it, just go for it! Usually, we plan well then when it’s about time to do it, we begin having doubts. But because you’ve already planned things out, you should be more confident in your abilities. Even if you’re taking a risk, you at least already know what to do even if you fail. So don’t worry too much and just do it!

Listen to others’ insights

If you feel like you’re doubting yourself a bit too much, approach a close friend or family member. Tell them about your worries and listen to their opinions and insights. A lot of times, doing the thinking all by yourself can backfire on your own confidence. You become biased and feel like you’re not doing enough. By listening to others, you’ll realize that you may just be worrying a little too much. They can give you a good wake-up call, especially if they provide good advice and healthy criticism.

Learn new things

A good way to stop doubting yourself is to engage in new endeavors. Not only will this help you be confident in trying out new things, but it might also teach you new things about yourself. You might be good at painting, for example, and you never would have known if you didn’t try it. Gaining knowledge about many different things can also make you more confident. No matter how you put it, you have the right to be self-confident if you’re knowledgeable about the world.

Sharpen your skills

Aside from learning new things, you should also pay attention to improving the skills you already have. That way, you get better and better with your current abilities while also expanding your horizons by gaining new knowledge. Sharpening your own skills makes you more confident since you already know you can do certain things well. Additionally, you’re slowly but surely getting rid of your weaknesses.

Find ways to relieve stress

Go hiking in Pulau Ubin, walk around the Singapore Art Museum, just look for stress-relief activities. Stress can be a culprit of increasing self-doubt. When stress takes over you, most of the time you’ll feel inferior and small. You might eventually trap yourself in a constant loop of negative emotions. That’s why it’s important to have activities to relax and relieve stress.

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