Top Five Comfort Foods that Will Lift Your Mood Every Time

Smell and taste are powerful senses that can bring back cherished memories associated with them, which is why food is a great way to cope or unwind when things do get too stressful or your schedule gets too hectic.

So if you’re feeling a little down or overwhelmed by your everyday tasks, try out these five Singaporean comfort foods that are sure to lift your spirits in no time:

You Tiao

Also known as Chinese fried churros or You Char Kway/Kuay, this deep-fried breadstick of dough is a classic snack that’s crispy on the outside while airy and soft on the inside. No need to wait for breakfast to eat them – plenty of stalls and vendors make sure they’re available all day long.

And don’t forget to pair them with the classic warm soymilk for that other-worldly experience!


Usually eaten with curry, sugar, or even with egg, cheese, mutton or beef, roti prata – literally meaning flat bread – can basically be eaten with anything, including ice cream, chocolate, or even banana.

In fact, so many foods go well with roti prata that you can spend a whole day trying to get through them all.

Roti prata is the Singaporean go-to food, being both a party-goer’s hangover cure and a dependable breakfast at the same time, and it’s best enjoyed with friends and family for an even more enjoyable experience.

Nasi Lemak

This Malay classic is popular in almost every community in Singapore, and while it’s usually enjoyed as a breakfast meal, there’s just something about pandan leaves, sambal chilli, and coconut-cooked rice combined that makes them special for everyone.

So if you want a great start to your day or if you’re feeling down, be sure to get yourself a plate of nasi lemak to lift your spirits!

Ah Boling

If your taste buds are craving for something that’s a little more soft and chewy to ease your emotionally wounded or homesick heart, you need to get a bowl of these glutinous rice balls right away.

You can even choose all kinds of fillings for them – red bean, sweet yam, or even crushed peanut – and take a long sip of that pandan or ginger soup to soothe your soul.

Hainanese Chicken

Who hasn’t tried Hainanese chicken rice at least once? Poached chicken and rice cooked in chicken stock is perhaps one of the most iconic Singaporean dishes that everyone knows and enjoys.

So whether you’re on the day of your final paper or simply looking out the window on a rainy day or a sunny afternoon, a plate of this will definitely make your belly rumble with every bite.

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