Top 3 Pet Care Tips to Follow When You’re On Vacation

It can be really hard to relax when you know you’re away and your pets miss you. Not only are you saddled with worry that your pets aren’t eating right, but you also have to dread the possibility of them having run away.

However, there are things that you can do about it. Here are the best pet care tips that will let you rest easy knowing that your pets at home are taken care for:

chihuahua summer dog
  1. Have a trusted friend or family member take care of your pet

This is often the cheapest option for every dog owner in Singapore. It certainly helps if the person you’re leaving your pet with is already familiar with your pet’s quirks, and even better if your pet knows the person you’re leaving him/her with.

However, if this is not the case, it’s important that you tell the person all the little details on your pet’s quirks. This lets your pet sitter know what to expect from your pet so that they will know how to respond when, for instance, your dog will try to fight other dogs across the street.

If you don’thave a friend of family member available who can take care of your pet, hiringa professional pet sitter might be your next best bet.

  • Prepare food and water for your pets

Whether you have a dog, a cat, hamster, or fish, make sure that your pet/s have enough food to last for the whole time that you’re away. This can be extremely crucial if your pet is on a diet that would require you to prepare some specific food.  

Food and wateraren’t just things that you should look into before leaving. Leaving smallcomforts for your pet, such as an old t-shirt in their bed or crate, will go along way to make them feel at ease until you come home. Enough medicine shouldalso be left if your pet is on medication.

  • Update your pet’s ID tags

Having an ID tag attached to your pet’s collar these days has become a necessity, as finding your pet can be quite difficult. Once your pet decides to book it from the pet sitter, it may take a while to get your pet back home, and may take even longer when you’re not around.  

But the good news is that this is not always the case. Identifying and finding your pet is now much easier in Singapore. Tracker chips are now required to be implanted in pets, especially in pet dogs that are more than three years old.

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