The Importance of Reading Fiction

“It Never Rains on National Day”, “Spider Boys”, and “If We Dream Too Long” are only a few of the many famous works of fiction in Singapore. Many people nowadays, though, tend to read more self-improvement books, business books, and etc. Not that there’s anything wrong with that, but they’re simply missing out on the magic that fiction provides. Works of fiction can actually teach you things just as much as self-help books. Other than that, here are other reasons why you should read fiction.

To escape reality

When you read fiction, you are immediately put in a different world and you get to see everything in the characters’ eyes. You can also be anybody, depending on the book you’re reading. You could be a wizard, traveler, astronaut, soldier, a young girl, and a lot more. Reading fiction allows you to escape the harshness of reality and create a temporary, yet enjoyable world with your own imagination.  It allows you to experience a sense of adventure, even if it’s just on your mind.

Gives you a new perspective

At a certain time, our perspective of the world can be limited. When reading fiction, though, you are put in the minds and environments of the characters. When you really put yourself in the character’s situation, you will be able to see things in a new light. Plus, as you read, you may find that some characters do things that you would not expect them to do and how these actions affect the story as a whole. You’ll realize then that there are endless possibilities in life and that looking through a different view can present you with many challenges and opportunities.

Can spark creativity

Surely, there are times when you’re reading a book and you speculate and find out what’s coming before it even happens or how it’s going to end. Whether or not you guess it right, that’s your creativity at work. This is especially true because fiction, and books in general, trigger our imagination. We are able to make connections between scenes and characters’ actions to predict what might happen. What’s amazing is, in a piece of fiction, the writer places everything bit by bit but it’s your creativity and imagination that’s putting things together. 

Fosters compassion and understanding

When reading fiction, you get to share the characters’ suffering and joy even without knowing him/her personally and even though you know this character does not exist in real life. This also enables us to put ourselves in the character’s shoes. As a result, we get better at understanding and relating to others around us. Putting ourselves in the character’s shoes can serve as a practice in connecting with people in real life.

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