The ABC’s of Wedding Live Band

By this time, you’ve probably made the perfect wedding song list and practiced your dancing skills for your upcoming special day. Now, your next task would be hiring the best Singapore wedding live band to bring life to your big party.


Cover bands are the most popular picks for weddings. These bands can play wide range of wedding live music styles making them more versatile than the other type of bands. This type of band will let you cater to your own musical preferences and to your guests’ preferences as well.

Things to Consider

Hiring a live band for your wedding will ensure no dull moments all throughout the night. It will add an energetic atmosphere to the occasion and will buoy up your guests to dance and have fun. But in choosing a band, you also have to consider a couple of factors. The first thing you have to consider is the band’s distinctive sound. Some bands strongly stick to their type of music genre and may not grant some of your requested wedding live music songs that are out from their genre. Another factor you have to consider is the venue. Some bands can be too loud for your venue and may hinder your guests from talking and socializing due to excessively loud music. Older adults and children may also find the loudness too difficult to handle.


How to Select

Before you go hunting for a wedding live band, confirm first what your reception venue will allow. When it’s settled, you can start searching for the perfect live band. You can call wedding live band Singapore agencies to help you look for the best Singapore wedding live band. You can also search for wedding live band Singapore through the internet to get a list of bands like from Singapore that perform in special occasions like weddings. Another option is to ask the venue in-charge if they have a resident band that can perform on your wedding. Resident bands of the venue can be also very advantageous since they are much familiar with the location and the set-up of the equipment.

Ironing the Details

When meeting with your chosen band, be sure to express clearly your goals and your preferred musical genre. You can also ask for a demo tape or ask if you can sit-in in one of their band rehearsals to see how they perform live. If you have enough time, it is better to watch one of their gigs to actually see how they interact with the crowd.

If you think everything is now in order, it is time to put everything into writing. It is highly recommended to make a contract that states everything you have agreed upon. Make sure that you’ve covered your grounds by discussing things like how many singers and musicians are included, last minute emergency solutions, how many and how long they will take their breaks, whether they will be bringing their own equipment, and how long the band will play.


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