Making Your Menu for BBQ Catering

Why is bbq one of the best choices for catering? It’s because people love it! With the lovely tropical climate Singapore has and the desire of the people for sustainable down home meals, the classic satay bbq is the best known choice for any kind of occasion. Bbq is certainly among the top fast growing restaurant trends, as well as the fastest growing catered food in Singapore. With this trend, adding bbq catering to your list of services only makes sense to achieve an awesome and enjoyable party. Here are some guidelines in hiring a bbq caterer and making your bbq menu.


Meet the Professionals
To get an idea of how a BBQ catering works, schedule an appointment with a professional from the provider you’re planning to work with. Let them introduce their services and take note of some key points like, the services they offer, pricing options, and the delivery procedure. The pricing may vary from company to company as there are some who get their supplies from bbq wholesale shops, which are cheaper, instead from mall supermarkets or retail shops, which are a bit pricier.

Take advantage of this opportunity to ask questions with in SIngapore and make clarifications. You should also give them a little background about your party for them to know what kind of food presentation is suitable for your event. Mention how many people are expected to come and where the venue is located. This meeting is merely an exchange of information so don’t feel pressured to place an order.

Tastings and Samples
After deciding which company to choose as your caterer, it’s time to schedule a tasting session with them. Some companies can give it to you for free while others may charge you just minimal amount. If you want to save from this part, go for catering companies that offer certain dates for food tasting. During this time, potential clients can come and try some of their dishes for free. If you find bbq foods new for a huge party, do not skip this part. Try as much dishes as you can before finalizing your menu.


Making the Final Menu
Once you’ve decided which catering company you’ll be working with, it’s time to make your menu. Here are the bbq foods that you should include on your bbq menu.

• Meat, Poultry or Seafood
This serves as your main course. Fill up your grill only with quality meat to ensure scrumptious dishes for everybody. Ask your caterer where they purchase their meat supplies. Do they have an official bbq wholesale supplier or they just hunt down the road for cheap meat supplies? It would be wise to ask where the meats come from to make sure that you’re supplied with clean and healthy food. Include in your menu a couple of meat servings, like hotdogs, hamburgers, and sausages. These foods are ideal especially if you have kids in the party. For health conscious people, give them a couple of option by including chicken or seafood dishes to your menu.

• Grilled Veggies
Maybe there are some in your party who doesn’t eat meat or may have a diet program to follow; therefore, it is always good to serve grilled veggies for healthier option. Asparagus and corn on cobs are among the best vegetables to serve when grilled. Another option is to kebabs from chunks of various veggies. Grilled veggies allow non-meat eaters to enjoy the smoky flavor without breaking their health habits.
• Fresh Fruits
There are so many side dishes that can be served with your bbq meal, but fresh fruits are your healthiest option that everyone will enjoy. Best of all, there are hundreds of ways to serve it. Chop up strawberries, grapes, and pineapple, and toss them all in a bowl. Melons are also a good choice for hot season. Chop up cantaloupe, honey dew, and watermelon for a kick of exotic flavor to your fruit mix.
• Ice Cold Drinks
What else will make everybody enjoy partying under the summer sun than a bottle of ice cold drink? Serve jars of lemonade or ice tea, or a bowl of thirst-quenching punch. If your event is an adult party, serve bottles of beer and other alcoholic beverages. Blend up icy margarita or mix up a pitcher of sangria for more alcohol options.


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