Learn How to Take a Break – It’s Good for You!

Guilty as charged! Everybody at the office most likely tells you to work harder and only seldom do people encourage you to take a break. Although you have turned out to become very productive, you have also turned out to become very unhealthy! Take a break every once in a while! There’s no shame in actually taking your mind off of work.

A sad but common scenario which Singaporean kids are experiencing everywhere is when their father comes home but hasn’t taken his mind off of work. People shouldn’t take their work home! A parent must come home to their children after work to be with their children one hundred percent and not just being there physically but also being focused on work.

Not everybody knows how to treasure rest and this is partly due to the competitive culture around Singapore. Maybe everybody’s working way too hard that it is believed that the more you work without rest, the better you will become. This is definitely not true. Even Albert Einstein himself would sleep for about twelve hours a day!

Well, this may be a bit too much, but then again, he knew how to rest and he knew the value of rest. Rest doesn’t necessarily mean sleep, rest can mean just relaxing and taking your mind off of things. Taking a break every now and then can be quite a hard habit to start at first as the moment you take a break, you might instantly feel the guilt of not actually being productive.

Well, you actually are! You are allowing your brain to refresh and rest as it gathers strength once again to deal with your everyday tasks. Taking a break isn’t just good for your brain, it is also good for your body. The more energy you pour into your everyday schedule, the more drained you become.

If you go home drained every day of the week, you will still be drained on your day off. Learn how to lessen the load a little bit. After all, not everything belongs to the present. Some things belong to the future. Worry and doubt are two major causes of us not being able to take a proper break.

Sometimes worry and doubt eat us alive to the point that we can’t even sleep anymore. The sad thing is that nothing productive comes from this. It is a total waste of time! Learn how to handle day to day things day to day instead of bringing them with you until you sleep. There is a time to work and there is also a time to take a break.