Know the Different Types of Sushi

There are tons of sushi types you will want to try if you are a beginner, but sushi experts recommend that you start with the traditional types. Several types of fish, which are the main ingredients, are used for sushi, but you will only feel like an expert once your palate has tried the following types.


The rice and other filling are rolled in nori or dried seaweed, which is why it is sometimes called norimaki. Sometimes a bigger variety called futomaki is sometimes served, while another variety called uramaki has nori inside the rice which serves as a wrap instead of the other way around.


Sometimes labeled edo-mae in some restaurants, it is made with pressed rice or shari and topped with other ingredients generally known as neta. The most common toppings are tofu, seafood, omelet, meat, and vegetables. Other restaurants coat it with marinade and are served with garnishes.


This sushi is made with rice wrapped with nori to resemble an ice cream cone. It has enough space for other ingredients on its open end. The most popular fillings include omelet, tuna belly with green onion, umeshiso, and pickled plum.

Gunkan Maki

This looks really tasty because it is made up of a rice ball wrapped in nori but with enough space on top for additional ingredients. Usually the toppings are salmon roe, potato salad, sea urchin, squid, blended crab brains, and fatty tuna belly with green onion.


This sushi is served in a bowl and is made with vinegared rice topped with several ingredients. There is a similar dish called kaisendon, which isn’t a sushi, that has the same characteristics but uses only steamed rice.


It is believed to be the earliest form of sushi but it might not be for everyone because of the smell. It is made with fish preserved in rice and salt. The fermentation can sometimes last for months to years.


This type of sushi is made with a ball of rice topped with fish or another ingredient. You can have several balls of rice with different toppings in one plate.


Sometimes labeled hakozushi in some restaurants, it is made by pressing layers of ingredients into a box then cutting them into different shapes. The name oshizushi itself means pressed sushi.


This beautiful but simple sushi is made with rice and toppings wrapped in bamboo leaf. The most popular toppings include bamboo shoots, mugwort, salmon, omelet, mushrooms, and miso.


The sushi is made with rice topped with fish, eel, or prawn then pressed and wrapped in kaki or persimmon leaf. Most sushi lovers prize it for its aroma.


This is the only sushi in this list that doesn’t use rice because it is made with deep-fried filled tofu simmered in dashi, mirin, sugar, and soy sauce. However, the filling is sometimes made with rice and other ingredients.

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