Four Steps to Start Loving Exercise Again

Even people who are physically fit and love exercise can fall out of it for many reasons, one such reason being that their schedule no longer gives them enough time to go for a few sets in the gym. Whether it’s after taking a huge pause or being stuck in the same routine for a while, there’s always a chance that you will lose interest or find that exercise feels like a drag. When it does, here’s how you can start loving exercise again:

Start again somewhere. The hardest part about getting back to your routine is actually starting, but once you do, your muscle memory will kick in and the training will be much easier for you. As long as you start somewhere, it doesn’t really matter where or how, or even which training regimen you should follow.

Go beyond your comfort zone. Even if you’re not the most muscular person in the gym as you would like or are not the muscular person you used to be, going back to do your sets is only the first step. In order to make sure your routine doesn’t get boring, try switching it up with something you haven’t tried before, like taking up an outdoor activity like biking or running marathons to go along with your resistance training.

Try out new equipment. You might think you’ve seen it all, but there’s a good chance there’s still a piece of equipment that you haven’t used, and since you need to shake things up to keep your routine interesting, now would be the perfect time to try it out. If you find yourself not knowing how to use a particular piece of equipment, don’t be afraid to ask an instructor for help.

Record your improvements. It’s always a good idea to record your weight loss and muscle gain especially if you’ve only just returned to your exercise routine. By tracking your progress, you will be able to know how much progress you’re making. It’s also a great way for you to boost morale and keep going with your routine, and when want to try a new one, your record will give you a good idea on which one you should best pick up.

The most important part of getting back to your exercise routine and loving your workout is making it a habit and setting an end goal along with smaller milestones to help you know you’re on the right track. Doing it every day and not giving up might be difficult at first, but making small steps and celebrating small milestones is a great way to motivates you to keep going until you achieve the results you want.

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