Do You Have Difficulty Concentrating?

Are you having a hard time completing the task your boss has given you this morning? Do you find yourself relying on food and drinks to help keep your mind active while doing work? Maybe you’re having difficulty concentrating and you need to address its source.

Are you multitasking?
Ask yourself if you’re trying to do too many jobs all at once. While there is a belief that an employee who can multitask is someone to be emulated, multitasking doesn’t necessarily mean productivity. You’re more likely to make mistakes and it might take a while for your brain to adjust from one task to another. It’s a habit that will teach your brain to have a shorter attention span and focus, making you less efficient in your job.

Are you stressed?
Perhaps it’s time to re-examine what your job is doing to your mental and physical health. A stressful job will not be so rewarding anymore if it causes various health problems that will drain you. Tasks seem harder to complete because you feel tired and that will only cause you more stress, leading to a cycle that can be hard to break if you don’t try to step back occasionally.

Are you bored?
Perhaps it’s difficult for you to concentrate because you’re no longer as motivated as when you started out. Maybe your job isn’t giving you enough challenge and it causes your brain to just go through the routine. That way, it conserves energy because the task that doesn’t stimulate it externally and internally.

Are you ill?
Maybe if the problem isn’t stress or boredom, lack of concentration might be a symptom of an illness such as, depression, anxiety, diabetes, and anemia. Schedule an appointment with your doctor for a routine checkup if you suspect a more serious cause.

Are you distracted?
Some people are easily distracted from their tasks by loud noises and other stimuli. If this is the case in your job, you should probably remove all the things on your table that distract you and keep only those that will help you focus. For example, some people like to listen to music while working so that they can concentrate.

Are you drinking too much coffee?
Some people can’t start their day without coffee, but you should ask yourself if you’re relying on it as if everything depends on each cup. Overstimulation from caffeine can also make concentrating more difficult, not to mention cause health problems that might contribute to the problem.

Are you taking breaks?
Maybe you need to take breaks occasionally to allow your mind and body to reset. Don’t ignore those short breaks that companies give their employees and don’t take your work at home if you can. Spend time with family and friends; maybe they can even give you tips on how to solve your problem.

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