9 Smart Ways to Save On Your Wedding

Whatever your wedding budget, you do not have to resort to DIY (unless you want to, of course!). Here, we share to you nine smart tips on how you can save money on your wedding without sacrificing style.

  1. Make it a weekday wedding

If you’re planning for a Saturday wedding, expect it to be an expensive one. Moving it on a weekday can save you thousand of dollars not just on the venue cost, but on the rest of the vendors as well.

  • Have your wedding and reception in the same place

Get married in a hotel where you will have your reception, or in a garden where your reception is set up. The flowers from your ceremony will then easily be carried through the dining space and nobody will need transportation to get to the reception.

  • Fake your wedding cake

Fondant and multi-tiered cakes are horrendously expensive. Ask your baker to make a fake cake out of cardboard and have only the top tier of the cake the real thing for the cake-cutting ceremony. Then, prepare basic sheet cakes at the back for you’re the caterers to serve to everyone.

  • Pick a venue that doesn’t need much décor

The best venue that needs minimal décor would be a garden venue. You only need some ribbons, an arc at the altar and some seat covers for the chairs. Another option is to get married in December, when most venues are already decked with Christmas decor.

  • Get second hand items

If you have a friend who just got married, borrow a few items from them. There’s a thrift shop or garage sale nearby? Try checking them out for some trinkets you might find for your wedding.

  • Consider any white dress

Shop for a white dress that isn’t specifically a wedding dress. Perhaps, you might want to check out prom sites during off-seasons to shop for white gowns and dresses. It looks like the same thing only it’s a lot cheaper.

  • Cut back on small fees that can easily add up

If you can have someone in the family to pick up the flowers, favors, dessert, etc., you can save a lot on delivery fees.

  • Hire a planner

Be realistic, and don’t assume you can DIY everything. Maybe you can hand making and printing your own invitations, but you may not have the resources to put together everyone’s suits and dresses. Sometimes, having to make everything yourself and spending your time on projects can cost you more than hiring a someone to do it for you.

  • Sell as much as you can after the wedding

Get items that can be resold. Wholesale your tablecloths and burlap runners (or any other décor items), and then sell them right after your wedding.

Saving on your wedding is about smart decision-making. These are just a few of the many things you can do to afford the wedding of your dreams.

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