6 Daily Habits That Heighten Your Risk of Osteoporosis

Most of us do not even prioritize our bone health. Not only can we not see our bones directly, but thinking about your bone health seems like something you only worry about when you get older. However, you probably won’t realize it, but there are several every day habits that could be hurting your bones and increase your risk of earlier onset of osteoporosis.

  1. Eating too much salty foods

There is absolutely a correlation between sodium (salt) and bone density. As you take in more sodium, your body releases more calcium in the urine. In fact, an adult can lose one percent of bone density each year by intaking one extra gram of sodium a day. Health experts suggest getting less than 2,300mg of salt every day, while older adults should take no more than 1,500mg a day.

  • Always hiding from the sun

To take care of our skin, we tend to hide from the sun. However, doing so every time will eventually lead to thinner and more brittle bones. So, if you do not spend enough time outdoor, you will deprive yourself of this nutrient.

  • Being sedentary

Our bones are like gears—the more you use them, the more they become stronger. If they do not get used enough, they weaken and become wasted. Lifting weights, strength training or even just walking are all good forms of exercises to improve bone health.

  • Losing too much weight

Perhaps you’re thinking—how can your journey to achieving your weight loss goal have negative effects on your health? It turns out that losing too much weight can heighten your risk of osteoporosis. What health experts suggest is to steer clear from diet fads that cut out important foods for your bone health and do more resistance training to help keep your bones and muscles healthy.

  • Wearing unsupportive shoes

Although walking is good for the bones, it is also important to provide yourself with proper support to do those activities—and that means wearing the right shoes. Do know that many of those stylish footwear—both for men and women—tend to provide poor foot support. High heels and super-flat footwear are all terrible for your feet and ankles. Wear something that has cushion in it to provide support and comfort on the arcs of your sole.

  • Having too much meat

Indulging in your favorite steak once in a while is okay. But steak everyday—or any meat for that matter—weakens your bone density over time. Having too much protein will cause your kidney to excrete more calcium, and if the body lacks calcium, then your bones can get brittle.

Osteoporosis is not an illness that can be cured once you have it. It is a life-long disease that you may not be able to completely reverse. So, instead of ignoring your health just because you don’t feel anything yet, it’s imperative to focus on how you can live a healthier life.

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