5 Unnecessary Expenses When Travelling

Travelling isn’t cheap, and it can become even more expensive if you tolerate unnecessary expenses while on the road. To save money, here are five expenses you should kiss goodbye when travelling abroad.

  1. Internet Subscription

Even if you are staying for a month, subscribing to a postpaid internet network in your destination isn’t practical. Remember that most postpaid internet data plans have lock in periods, wherein you are required to subscribe for a specific period of time before you’re allowed to terminate a subscription. Instead of postpaid, go for prepaid data. After all, most accommodations and cafes today provide free use of WiFi, so you won’t need internet data that much.

  • Phone Bills

Being away from home, especially for longer periods of time, means more long-distance calls to family and loved ones. Unfortunately, overseas calls are always expensive, regardless of where you are. When you need to call home, do so via the internet. Look for a cafe or use your hotel’s WiFi to make calls locally or internationally. You can even video call them for free.

  • Gym Membership

Exercise is always good for you. But even if you’re staying in your destination for a whole month, getting a gym membership isn’t worth it, especially if it comes with hefty price tag. Dance classes, boxing or group exercise isn’t something you want to spend your money on when on the road. Don’t worry though, with all the swimming, sightseeing, hiking, trekking and other outdoor activities you can do (for free!), it’s totally possible to maintain your weight while travelling.

  • Shopping

When in a new place, we tend to shop a lot of clothes, make-up and gadgets, because we often think that they are much cheaper abroad. What’s really making your trip cheaper is not shopping at all—or at least shopping wisely. The next time you’re about to make a purchase, ask yourself first if you need it. Most likely the answer will be no.

  • Dining Out

We’re not saying not to eat fancy at all, but at least limit dining at fancy restaurants or even in fast food chains. Coffee, meals and alcohol are the most common food expenses when on a travel. Of course drinking and dining is still a necessity for a traveller, but make sure to be wise enough to choose the cheaper dining alternatives, such as the hawker stalls.

Wherever your destination is, these tips are good for you. Break out of the hotel-restaurant travel mindset, take advantage of these tips and save big for your next destination.

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