4 Ways to Achieve a More Lustrous Skin

Our skin is the body’s largest organ. It protects our body from getting unwanted diseases. Almost all women have a desire to have a lustrous skin. Having beautiful skin attracts onlookers. All other physical features comes second, aside from having a good personality.

Oftentimes most women and even men nowadays use beauty products to make their skin look good and flawless. While we may say that being updated in the use of these commercial products is useful, let us not forget that they also contain some chemicals that may be harmful to skin.

Before using anything else, just simple soap and water is vital in achieving clean skin. You may also want to use home-made remedies instead of commercialized products.

1. Soap and water
In taking a bath in the morning and evening after work, make sure to have ample soap and water when cleaning. What good are these commercial products if you have not taken a bath on a regular basis? It is still nice to have a sound sleep with a clean body every night.

2. Look into your diet
Observe eating healthy food regularly like green leafy vegetables, carrots, berries, nuts, spinach, tomatoes, kiwis, dark chocolate, yogurt, cucumber as they help in the oxygenation of your blood circulation as they contain iron. Eat also whole grains as it is packed with fiber that is good for avoiding inflammation. Whole grains also contains zinc that helps repair skin damage, maintain smoothness and suppleness and regulate the sebum or oil production. Vitamin-B biotin is also present in whole grains that can help the skin cells process fats without making skin dry and scaly. Lean meat, salmon and dairy products are also good source for your protein.

3. Hydrate, hydrate and hydrate
Our body is comprised of 70% liquid, thus we need to drink lots of water to keep ourselves hydrated. If you can make it a habit, it is best to drink only water with body temperature and not cold water from the fridge. Your organs react to cold water. Like after eating, it is good to drink tea or lukewarm water. It is known that taking cold water after eating hardens the fats ingested, which makes them lodge to the stomach lining. Hence, making you feel bloated after eating. Time will come these will become visceral fats.

4. Sleep is essential
Normally, eight hours of sleep every night is a must. But if you are working, 6-8 hours of deep sleep is enough. Science says that a person who sleeps at 10pm will have a deep sleep after 3 hours where the body experiences the start of cell repair and regeneration during this period. You will notice that you have a happy mood if you have slept well. This promotes radiant skin upon waking up. It’s time you might want to reconsider catching up on those zzzs.

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