4 Gadgets That Can Make Exercising Less of a Hassle

While it’s not easy to feel motivated to workout, having the right kind of gear can often help in getting you in the mood. As the saying goes, dress for the role that you want – and if you’re thinking of taking on the role of an earnest fitness buff, then having these gadgets in your workout arsenal will certainly give you a boost.

  1. Motorola VerveOnes+ True Wireless Bluetooth Earbuds

VerveOnes+ is a state-of-the-art audio plugs that takes functionality and comfort on a whole new level. These earbuds effectively do away with the wires to give you absolute freedom of movement, while producing high quality sound. VerveOnes+ is water and sweat resistant, and can be commanded by voice through Google Now or Siri.


  1. Sony Smart B-Trainer

Thinking of taking a few runs around your neighbourhood? Then take this Sony Smart B-Trainer headphones with you. Using these specialty headphones is like working with a digital coach, since it uses music to prompt you to slow down or speed up your routine based on your calorie burn and heart rate. What’s more amazing is you get to sync it with your phone so you can review your progress after hours working out.


  1. Samsung Gear Fit2 Smartwatch

Aside from tracking your progress, Gear Fit2 also encourages you to break your personal records by monitoring your heart rate and telling you when you should step up your workout routine. This smartwatch also knows what activities you’re currently engaged in, and displays stats that are easy to understand. It even allows you to compete with your friends through the S Health App.

  1. Hidrate Smart Water Bottle

Hidrate Smart Water Bottle is specifically designed for individuals who want to accurately track their water intake. It works with an app that syncs your water bottle to your phone via Bluetooth, and monitors the amount of water you need to drink. If you’re dead serious about monitoring how much water you’ve been drinking, then we recommend that get your hands on this fitness gadget.

Feeling motivated to workout is never easy, but having the right kind of fitness gear might help in putting you in the mood to exercise. So make sure that you check any of these fitness gadgets beforehand to boost your motivation and to make working out less of a hassle for you.

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