4 Body Functions Improved by Swimming

Swimming on a regular basis is a great way for you to let your body improve. Although some people think that swimming is just strictly fun and games, there’s actually much more to swimming which people do not usually realize.

Swimming can be good for people on so many levels and the best part is, you could definitely have fun while swimming. Swimming isn’t just another physical exercise you are required to do. In fact, you can find so many ways to have fun while swimming. Swimming is something you should look forward to and it would be great for you to have a good swim at least once a week.

Here are some of the benefits of swimming:

1. Stamina
The most obvious benefit of swimming is the increase of stamina your body will get. Stamina measures our energy and how far we are able to go without tiring ourselves off. Swimming is a great way to improve your stamina because your lungs are trained every lap you do.

2. Endurance
Endurance is the measurement of how far you are capable to go even when you’ve run out of stamina. Increasing your endurance is necessary because this is when your body actually grows and improves. There is no possible way for your body to improve if you always limit yourself your body’s capabilities. Sometimes you need to go a little further for there to be growth.

3. Circulation
This is probably the healthiest part about swimming. Swimming has proven to help improve your blood circulation. Swimming is an excellent exercise for your lungs. Because of the pressure of swimming, your body is pushed to use your lungs to its full extent which in return improves our breathing which then improves our blood circulation.

4. Dopamine
Swimming is a healthy source of dopamine. Most people do not know that the scientific chemical for needed for us to be happy or to feel completion is dopamine. Sadly, we do not get a healthy dose of dopamine on a regular basis which is why most of us feel a bit gloomy most of the time. Swimming brings out the animalistic sense of survival which then releases a healthy dosage of dopamine making you feel better right after a good swim.

Swimming has a lot of benefits and it would be a great exercise to incorporate in your life. Last but not the least, swimming is a great way to relieve stress as swimming narrows you down to a single routine where your mind does not think too much of the stressful situations around. Instead, your mind focuses on keeping your body alive and this is something we all forget. We forget to be thankful that we’re alive.

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