Why You Should Go To Bali

A lot of Singaporean tourists have mixed reception towards Bali. Some are enthusiastic about it and consider it one of their best summer destinations. There are also some who were sorely disappointed and think that Bali is too overrated. If you have some budget to spare – and Bali is not that expensive – my advice is for you to just try it out. Travel can be a subjective experience and people may have different expectations so you it really depends on your preferences.


Here are some of the top reasons why you should go to Bali if it is not yet part of your bucket list:

Because it’s all about the beach

There are lots of expectations on Asian beaches especially on island countries like Indonesia. Good thing the beaches in Bali don’t disappoint. Kuta beach may be too touristy already but it’s not your only option. You can still try the other beaches where you can go surfing, do various water sports, or simply relax by the beach.

Because of the breathtaking sceneries

Bali is as diverse as the tourists that visit it. Beach bums and surfers have plenty of options to hit the wave. Nature lovers can trek up on a sometimes active volcano, hike to see a waterfall, visit a monkey forest, or walk on rice paddies. Art and culture lovers can also indulge on the numerous museums and traditional performances. There’s something for everyone!


Because of the Balinese spa

Who wouldn’t want to experience authentic Balinese spa and massage? A lot of people are willing to pay a sum of money just to get a Balinese massage back in their country homes. You can get yourself pampered and rejuvenated by the real thing for only a fraction of what you’d usually pay for.

Because of the Balinese people

Travelling for some people means interacting with the locals and being one with them though only for a short period of time. Experience what the Balinese people are like. How friendly and accommodating are they? Some people’s lives are forever changed by the people they’ve met during their travels.

Because of the Balinese food

It’s always a good idea to try the local cuisine whenever you’re travelling and the Balinese cuisine doesn’t disappoint. They are delicious and one of a kind. What’s even better about them is you can easily find them at a very low cost. Now isn’t that just amazing?


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