What to Consider When Choosing Your Child’s Secondary School

Education is indeed important. Your child is excited to join Secondary School after the PSLE but unfortunately, the school will depend on the PSLE score of your child. If you are a parent, there are many things that you can consider when you are helping your child choose Secondary School. As a parent, here are some things that you need to do when you child is choosing his/her Secondary School:


1. Check out Ecareers Singapore. The first thing that you need to do is join your kid in his/her journey. Remember that this is a decision that can change the life of your kid. You can begin your search by checking out Ecareers Singapore. Your child can use this portal to find the right school.

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 2. Check out school open houses. School open houses are popular. Together with your kid, you can visit and check out the school your kid is interested in. If you cannot make it to the school open houses, you can simply visit the school’s website.

 3. Know the needs of your child. If you know the needs and interests of your child, it does not matter whether he/she is not in the top Secondary School. Sometimes, top Secondary School is not the environment for your son/daughter. You should help your kid look for a school that can help him/her develop into the individual he wants to be in the future.

It is important that long before the release of PSLE results, you conducted your research. You can save a lot of time and spare your son/daughter the headache of choosing Secondary School. After the release of PSLE, you should guide your kid in choosing or filling up the six options provided by the MOE (Ministry of Education). 


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