Ways to Keep a Conversation Going with Someone You Just Met

Imagine a scenario where your best friend introduces you to a workmate of his and he leaves both of you to go to the restroom. After asking the basic questions, you find yourself in awkward silence for a very long time. Does this sound too familiar? Having trouble thinking of things to talk about? Here are some ways for you to keep a good, long conversation going.

Be genuine

What this means, really, is not just to be honest about what you’re saying but also to just be yourself when talking to someone. You’ll find it easier to continue a conversation with anyone if you’re comfortable with yourself. That comes with being genuine in your actions and words. It will be easy to give in to the temptation of trying to impress the other person and exaggerating your words to the point that you’re lying. But, you’ll be able to have a smoother conversation if you stay genuine.

Find common interests

One obvious way to keep a conversation going is to find your common interests. In fact, finding things you mutually like will keep your conversation going for hours. It’s very unlikely that you won’t find anything common between each other. There might also be something he/she knows about that you want to get into or that you’re interested in pursuing. Or maybe you know something that they want to get into. Finding common interests is one of the best ways to have a long conversation with someone.

Just ask

You won’t find common interests if you don’t ask right? If you think about it, most conversations start with a question too. But to keep a conversation going, you’ll also have to ask the right questions. Because you’re talking to a person you just met, don’t dive in and ask anything too personal. Additionally, you should also avoid asking yes/no questions because surely, yes/no are the only answers you’re going to get. For example, if you find out this person is into cycling you can say, “where in Singapore is your favorite place to ride” or “which routes do you usually take?”.

Listen well and use what they say

As you may already know, listening is the key to almost any conversation. You’ll find it extremely convenient to use what the other person is saying if you’re running out of things to talk about. You won’t have to think about anything new to talk about and you can just use whatever the other person says. You can ask them about it and have them do all the talking first. The benefit of this is that you learn a lot about the person while also keeping the conversation going.

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