Ways to Fight Against Insomnia

In the recent years, it has been found that many Singaporeans have not been having enough time to sleep. Many may disregard it but the lack of sleep can spell a lot of health issues from headaches, chronic pain, anxiety, high blood pressure, and more. Not being able to sleep can be bad but thankfully, there are also many ways for us to fight against it.

Get some sunlight

If you’re always staying indoor and are experiencing problems with sleep, try to go outside and get some sunlight. Being exposed to the natural light and heat of the sun can fix our body’s circadian rhythm. This means that our body clock can better recognize the time to be awake-through natural light, and the time to sleep- through darkness.

Avoid caffeine and alcohol before sleeping

Intake of caffeine results to our body becoming more alert, simply because that’s how it functions. When you take caffeine, even if you think it doesn’t work and you can still sleep, it doesn’t make your sleep as deep as it should be.  Excessive intake of alcohol, on the other hand, also leads to unsatisfying sleep and negatively affects sleeping patterns. That is why it is recommended not to have alcohol or caffeine in your system for at least 6 hours.

Have a cozy sleeping environment

Keeping your bed clean can be very inviting for sleep. Turning off your lights can also let your body know that it’s time to sleep. In addition, keeping the temperature cold in your room can also aid sleep. This is because at night, our body temperature drops. And if the room is hot, our body will struggle with adjusting against the temperatures.

Wake up and sleep at the same time daily

When you have a consistent sleep and wake routine, the body becomes accustomed to it hence leaving you with better sleep all around. The body will learn to get used to signals of being sleepy and being awake at the same time each day. You also should stay consistent with your routine through the weekends.

Eat small meals in the evening

When you eat a lot for dinner, you will not be able to sleep so easily. For example, when you lie down after a heavy meal, you will invite the risk of acid reflux or heartburn. Generally, it can affect your digestion and leave you feeling more uncomfortable. You will also have to interrupt your sleep with bathroom breaks if you drink and eat a lot in the evening.

Don’t “try to fall asleep”

If you can’t sleep, you might want to try to trick your brain with a paradox. Instead of trying to sleep, tell yourself to try and stay awake. Most of the time, the opposite will happen and you’ll fall asleep faster. This is because when we think too much about trying to fall asleep, we’re subconsciously getting an anticipatory anxiety of not being able to.

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