Vanity Doesn’t Need to be Harsh

Many of the skincare products sold on the market contain ingredients that could actually do more harm to our health. Among these are parabens. Parabens, without being too technical about it, are chemicals that are used as preservatives for many cosmetic and skincare products. Though they are effective and cheaper compared to their natural counterparts, the use of parabens has become alarming since they have been found in breast cancer tumors.


As women, we definitely want to avoid that. That’s why choosing to go organic or natural when it comes to our skincare products is the smarter way to go about beautifying ourselves. Thought it is true that organic products are a bit pricier than the chemical-laden products we commonly see on the market, it is still wiser to choose organic products because we wouldn’t want to expose ourselves to such harsh chemicals every day of our lives.

So if you finally want to make that switch, take a look at this list of some of Singapore’s sellers of natural skincare and personal care products.


Just a quick trivia, Katharos is actually a Greek word which means clean, pure, or unstained. That being said, this Singaporean retailer provides consumers only the top quality skincare products entirely made of organic ingredients. The skincare brands they carry are personally hand-picked and are guaranteed to be 100% organic, toxin-free, and environmentally friendly. To know more about their products and what they stand for, be sure to visit them at



Started in 2009, Flenco’s primary goal was to introduce the finest Dead Sea products to Asia. And so they blended these finest ingredients with Asian oils and Chinese medicine thus creating their own line of products named Flen Natural Skin Care. As this Singaporean brand continues to expand, they have also ventured in mobile spas here and throughout Asia. Coined as Mspa, they deliver a five star spa experience right in their client’s home or workplace.

If this has got your interest, do try to check their store at 131 Tanglin Road, #02-17 Tudor Court or browse through their website at

Heirloom Beauty

This family-owned online store which started here in 2007 offers natural skincare products which are handmade by their own set of blending experts and herbalists. They offer a great selection of products from SPF 15 Lip Balms, Hair Loss Shampoos, to African Black Soap. Fall in love with their good-quality products which are reasonably priced and if you can’t wait to try out their products, visit their website.



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