Unexpected Edibles That Go Well With Coffee


There’s nothing like a cup of Joe to perk you up early in the morning. Just its smell is enough to wake you up and get you out the bed. But if you think a creamer and a toast are the only things to pair with your coffee, think again! Here, we introduce you to a couple of pairings and additions that tastes surprisingly delightful with coffee.

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  1. Coconut Oil

Coconut oil adds a kick of aroma to your coffee and delivers an impressive set of health benefits as well. A tablespoon of coconut oil added into your coffee is enough to stabilize your blood sugar levels. Also, this addition into your drink every day helps strengthen your immunity system against bacteria and viruses.

  1. Maple Syrup

Do you like your coffee sweet? A blob of maple syrup can give your caffeine fix a boost of sweetness. Simply mix the syrup with your coffee over medium heat until it boils, and then reduce the heat to low. Keep stirring for eight to 10 minutes, and voila—a homemade gourmet-coffee!

  1. Cinnamon

You don’t have to wait for those expensive Christmas drinks to make your own yuletide brew. Search through your spice cabinet for a stick of cinnamon, and throw it in to your regular cup of coffee. Cinnamon don’t just serve as sugar replacement, it’s also good source of fibre, iron, and calcium—must-have nutrients and minerals for busy people like you.


Food Pairings

  1. Cheese

Coffees that go well with cheese (and cheese-filled desserts) are usually the light to medium roast blends. The creaminess and smoothness of cheese complements well with the mild flavour of such coffees. We suggest the Ethiopian or Columbian blends to pair with the cheese of your choice.

  1. Pizza

While you can never go wrong with soda or fruit juice, you can nail a pizza craving with coffee as well. The pairing may be uncommon, but the bold taste of java enhances the cheesy and sweet tomato goodness of pizza. Stick to frappe or any cold version to help wash down the rich flavour of the pizza and to quench your thirst.

Coffee can also be a versatile drink. Apart from being a breakfast staple, you can enjoy a sweet caffeine shot anytime of the day. You can give its flavour an extra oomph with your choice of add-on or relish its rich goodness with a satisfying food pairing.


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