Trusted and Huge Corporations in Singapore

Another important company being Keppel Corporation limited which is an investment and management company. It deals with shipbuilding, oil-rig construction, ship repair and conversion logistics et al. Keppel is well known and has contributed equally to Singapore’s growth.

Ocean Sky International Limited successfully provides its apparel services. It deals with design and product development, trend forecasting, sourcing, procurement, logistics et al. Ocean Sky was founded in 1995 and has been doing well for itself and Singapore since then. Another important business firm being Singapore Press Holdings Ltd is a leading media organization. What’s amazing about it is that it publishes 17 newspaper titles in over 4 languages. It also ventures out into outdoor advertising, broadcasting and properties.

Fraser and Neave another business firm leading to Singapore’s growth is a well known company dealing with the production and sale of dairy products, soft drinks, printing, publishing et al. Another famous organization called Far East founded by Ng Teng Fong in 1960; it deals with different sectors namely commercial, retail, healthcare, residential, industrial and hospitality. Another famous group namely Creative Technology Limited has added to Singapore’s growth. Just like its name, it’s creative and is a provider of multimedia software and hardware products. These products are thereby used in PC’s for enhancing better graphics, sound and various other functions. Creative Technology truly seems to be creative!

With so many organizations, groups all coming together along with local businesses, Singapore  has definitely made its mark and is truly a rich and prosperous country and in a true sense has taken over Hong Kong!

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