Trust Factors for Companies in SG

Everybody needs trust. Not just in online shopping but consumers buying any form of products or services from Singapore companies. If John did not trust May, they would not be friends. It applies the other way round as well. Are you able to trust the Singaporean company which you will be engaging? Does the salesperson seem sincere in providing you with solutions that are beneficial to you? Or does he seem more interested in getting your money? There needs to be mutual trust in a business relationship, even more so when you are the customer. You will need to be able to believe that the company will be able to deliver the required results, based on indications such as testimonials, word of mouth etc. This also involves the integrity of the business in consideration.

How does the company carry out its business processes? Take the rojak food poisoning case in Singapore for example. Do you think the rojak owner had integrity in the way he prepared his dishes? Probably not, as unhygienic practices were discovered and many food poisoning cases arose as a result. Integrity perpetrates into all forms of business, from service, to execution of customer orders, to top management decisions. From the first meeting, you would be able to discover much about a company’s integrity. Does the salesperson seem trustable? Is he able to answer tough questions about how business is carried out without breaking into cold sweat? Integrity of businesses is tricky to deal with, so do your homework before engaging a company.

Social Responsibilty
Nowadays, business is not solely about making money. Companies in Singapore have realized that corporate social responsibility plays a big role in how potential customers view them. For example, a company which produces cosmetics would do well to be socially responsible in the places where they obtain their ingredients from. Will it harm mother nature? Is the method of obtaining the ingredients harmful to the environment? However nowadays, it is extremely difficult to find a company which is able to eliminate these concerns 100%. For example, oil is needed in almost every country. The process of obtaining oil is hazardous to workers and the environment. It is common to see oil spills as a result of the oil leaking into the ocean, as oil is obtained from the ocean beds. This results In environmental harm. As long as the company has done their best to prevent such occurrences, it would be relatively alright to trust them. looks out for these businesses in Singapore which you can believe in. Keep coming back for more of our posts!

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