Travelling in Style: Fashion Tips for a Fabulous Run at the Airport

Being stylish while travelling is not an impossible task even for non-celebrities like us. You don’t even need to spend much to stroll airport aisles like it’s the catwalk. To help you achieve that Singapore celebrity as you travel, here is a list of fashion tips to follow the next time you take a flight.


1.       Stick to flats or low-heeled shoes

No matter how much you love your high heels, they’re still not the best choice of footwear to travel with. You’ll never know when a flight delay might happen, and you might end up sitting in the airport for hours. What about catching the plane for being late for your flight? You surely wouldn’t want to run on your high heels. Also, if you look through some photos of stylish Singapore celebrities, you’ll notice that most of them actually wear low heels or loafers.

2.       Avoid buckles and straps

As much as possible, avoid wearing clothes or shoes with straps and buckles. Wearing slip-ons are easier, especially when you have to take off your footwear during inspection. For sure, you wouldn’t want to keep the people waiting in the line just because you’re eating so much time taking off your strappy sandals. Also, dealing with torn strap or a faulty buckle at the airport when you’re late for your flight is not a scenario you’d want to be in.

3.       Bring your favourite eyewear

You’ll never be sure what the weather condition will be at your destination, so it pays to keep your eyes protected. Sunglasses are also known to an ultimate style changer, so remember to keep a pair in your hand-carry luggage. Another benefit of wearing sunglasses is that you could simply put them on and be glamorous, even if you have puffy eyes from sleeping poorly on the plane.


4.       Keep it casual but chic

Keep things casual and comfortable by going for loose shirts, sweaters, and your favourite skinnies. For colours, think of accidental spills. Spilling a cup of coffee on black sweats will definitely be less frustrating than on a bright yellow dress. It would also work best for you if you take the changing facilities of airports into consideration before you decide on sporting a fancy getup.

5.       Wear a hat or headgear

Hats, whether it’s a beany or a fedora, also work as great style enhancers. So as you pack for your trip and dress for the airport, don’t forget to bring some head cover that fits the clothes you’ve packed for your travel. Other than being stylish, hats are also great for concealing frizzy or flat hair, which is a result of long flights.

6.       Skip the jewellery, if possible

Although bangles, rings, watches and earrings are a great help in having a stylish attire, it would be best to skip them for your airport ensemble. If you really need to wear them on your destination, keep them in your hand-carry luggage to avoid losing them in case your main luggage gets sent elsewhere.

Always remember that comfort should come first before style. So if you’re dressing up for your travel, following these tips will surely make you look chic without causing you any discomfort.


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