Tips on How to Escape Materialism  


It is especially difficult to escape materialism here in Singapore for the mere reason that everything is available and you are just an impulse away from buying. Mind you, materialism is encouraged by credit cards. There is no way escaping materialism if you do not shun it. Many Singaporeans are impulse buyers but in varying degrees. Some can still control it while others are being lured to it like a magnet – a very powerful magnet that is.


Buying impulsively using your credit card can become a big problem when it comes to your finances. Temptations are everywhere but you can still control it. For impulsive buyers, the simplest solution is to destroy credit cards. However, destroying it may not be a wise decision since it can be helpful if used properly. Impulsive buyers can still keep their credit cards in case of emergency and at the same time curb its use.

Here are some tips on escaping materialism for impulsive buyers:

  • Do not auto-fill: You are too lazy to wait for your turn in the queue so you consider online shopping. You have to know that online shopping is a sharp knife that can cut you. When you consider online shopping, you are too timid to fill information over and over again so you choose to auto-fill it. This is not a good idea. When you auto-fill everything, it will only give you easier access to shopping. The danger here is if someone will use your account. Hence, you need to avoid auto-filling.

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  • Unsubscribe: You cannot be tempted if you do not see anything, right? The next best thing that you can do is to unsubscribe from the emails of retailers flooding you with advertisements of discounts and sales.
  • Leaving cards at the house: You tend to overspend because you are confident that credit cards are just there waiting to be used. When going out, you have to limit your access to funds so you avoid overspending. Why not leave your cards at home? You should only bring enough cash.
  • Reduce credit limit: Not all people consider this option but this may be the most effective way to curb your spending and periods of impulsive buying. If you do not trust yourself, you have to reduce your credit limit. Reducing it is just one call away.
  • Choose stores with return policy: Impulsive buying will be your downfall especially if you shopped at places with no return policy. If the products did not satisfy you, at least you can exchange or return it. You should not expect a refund once you made the purchase.

Credit cards should work for you not the other way around.

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