Things to Remember When Holding Your First Art Exhibit

Holding an art exhibition even in a local art gallery in Singapore is an every budding artists’ dream. The mixed emotions that one will get from the event would probably be one of the most priceless feelings that an emerging artist would get to experience.


So if you’re planning on holding an art exhibit, here are some things that you should remember first:

1. Be confident. Being confident is an important thing needed to make your event successful. You shouldn’t experience or feel any self-doubt. Instead, believe on the appreciations or praises that were given to you. During your exhibit, observe the reactions of the people viewing your paintings. Notice if some of them walked passed your artwork and smiled or just said nothing or if some happened to praise your work and your style. You can also try asking your friends to give their opinion about your work.

2. Build your own style. Building your own painting style is one way to get your name known in this field. You should also settle on one kind of art that you’re specializing in. Choose from contemporary art or abstract art or the other types of art and painting style.

Having and developing your own painting style could actually mean a lot of things. It could show that you’ve practiced a lot and perfected that specific art or style. Another is that you’ll be able to paint and produce more art work and oil painting faster than usual. Also, the style that you developed can help you in increasing your publicity and potentially attract more buyers.


3. Set realistic expectations from the event. Probably, one of the things that most budding artists expect when holding art exhibits is to make lots of sales and money. But as a new artist, what you should really focus on doing on your first art exhibit is to establish connections with some potential clients. Keep in mind that this would not be the only exhibit that you will be holding so you should focus your attention in establishing relationships with the art shops like vinci affordable art in singapore who will come to your event. Setting realistic and reasonable expectations can save you from any disappointment that you might end up feeling after your exhibit.

4. Choose a good theme. Selecting a good theme can make your exhibit more appealing to the people that you invited. Use it in arranging your paintings and as much as possible, avoid mixing a lot of themes since it might confuse your observers. Choose a theme which you think would perfectly fit most of the paintings that you would be showing off in your exhibit.

5. Pick a good place for your exhibit. There are a lot places in Singapore where you can hold your oil painting exhibit like libraries, shops, conference halls or in an art gallery. When you have already chosen a venue for your art exhibit, evaluate its pros and cons, like the space, lighting, price and who your visitors will be. Also, inquire if the place that you’ve chosen has a long waiting list.

6. Advertise and be ready for the event. Create advertising paraphernalia’s to help you promote your oil painting exhibit to your potential clients and on the day of the event itself, set-up your paintings right on time and enjoy your exhibit.

Doing an art exhibit might be a bit stressful for a first-timer but making it successful can really help you make a mark in this field and pave a way for you as an artist.


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