Things that You Need to Know About the New National Stadium

Singapore opened its New National Stadium in time for the Rugby World Club 10s on June 21, 2014. The stadium can also host other sporting events like cricket and football. The Rugby World Club 10s is only the beginning. There will be other events in the future, say the 2015 Southeast Asian Games.


The opening of the new National Stadium is anticipated by all especially that it boasts of different technology designed for the comfort of the viewers. It is best if you know some specifics and features of the stadium. So, here are some:

  • Dome: The National Stadium is touted as the world’s largest dome structure.
  • Retractable roof: You will be amazed of the roof. It can be opened or close depending on the weather. It will take approximately twenty five minutes for the roof to open or close. The roof is made of lightweight material (which is called ETFE). The roof can withstand any weather and it effectively blocks the heat of the sun thereby giving shade.


  • Modes: The Stadium also boasts of different seating modes. The mode will depend on the game and it can be configured. Modes include Football, Rugby and Athletics. To provide optimum viewing experience, the seats are made with a cooling system.
  • Pitch: To ensure a smooth playing surface, the Stadium will be installed with Desso GrassMaster.

Going to the new Singapore National Stadium is not difficult. You can reach there via Mass Rapid Transit, bus or taxi. You can even bring your own car; the parking lot is spacious.


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