The Wireless@SG Hotspot Service

You simply want your train ride to be comfortable, convenient and fast as much as possible. The government also wants that for you. So, Singapore wants to revolutionize the society and empower its people by proving free public Wi-Fi. This move will make everything available online anytime, anyplace. The move is called Wireless@SG Hotspot Service and this sounds promising.


Singaporeans will not wait long because three subway stations here are online. This is a good start considering that these three subway stations are the busiest. The Wi-Fi connections were hooked on August 22, 2014. From then on, people can enjoy it.

Here are the three subway stations that enjoy Wi-Fi access:

  • City Gall MRT station
  • Orhard MRT station
  • Raffles Place MRT station

While there are people who welcome the move, there are others who scrutinize it. These people think that it will not greatly benefit most of people. Yes, it can help commuters who are stuck during peak hours but on average days, one can only use the service several minutes before boarding or getting off the train.

Land Transportation Authority simple wants to give the commuters a safe, enjoyable and smooth travel. Maybe in the next years, the government will think about deploying a more extensive network that can get through the tunnels.

So, the next time you ride the trains, remember to avail of this free service. If you are waiting for someone at the station, things will be easier and more convenient if you entertain yourself via the free Wi-Fi.


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