The Roaring and Paddling Dragon Boat Festival

We all know that paddling is a weary thing to do especially if you know that it is a competition. Dragon Boat festival is not just a simple celebration that should be celebrated by few individuals. If you think that only dragon boat lovers and enthusiast are only the audience for this event, it’s not. Actually, almost all Singaporeans will watch and join the celebration.


On the other story, only trained, skilled and practiced individuals are able to do this all-strength-poured sport. Synchronized paddling requires team effort, thus the sport is said to be one of the hardest team sport in the world.

Singapore Dragon Boat festival is annually held at the Bedok Reservoir. This is the place where paddlers/dragon boat racers from around the globe compete bringing the flag of their country.  In a dragon boat team, there are 22 physically fit paddlers that are able to stand for a long paddling race.


In reality, dragon boat race originated in China particularly the ancient Chinese people. Since it is one of the oldest sports in Asia, it has a very complicated origin and is very difficult to determine. However, history says that the sport began after the death of the great writer Qu Yuan.

Currently, the dragon boat sport has become popular and more festive. In fact, it is supported by the Singapore government and every year it is proposed that the events should be improved so that it will be more popular all over the planet.



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