The Innovation of the Earth

Often times in movies about the future, the world is pictured as a vast wasteland. Collapsed buildings, corroded forests, polluted waters… It seems like it become a strenuous trend that the tomorrow land is going to turn into a wasteland. It all seems too surreal but it is not impossible.  In fact, with the way the environment is being handled nowadays, it seems highly likely for earth to appear this way in fifty years or less.


Despite of having these ideas of the negative outcome of the future, still you are left hopeful that in fifty years’ time or more, you’d still be able to enjoy the fresh breeze the winds bring and the comforting heat the sun radiates. Even with the advancement of the technology, one does not simply overlook the contribution of the natural environment. Remember, no oxygen tank can give you the best and unlimited energy as plants can and no air conditioner can give you appropriately fresh air as the mountains can.

earth recycle

Many have understood the importance of what is natural in this earth and it is the main goal of the world right now to maintain it, other than the concept of world peace. The use of renewable energy is not entirely a new idea. It has been there for years but so far not many has been done for it to be put to good use. The lack of technology served the inability of the generations to make something out of it but with the technology that is present now, a lot can be done with it.