The Different Types of Car Polish

A car polish is a cleaning and shining product that remedies car problems such as imperfections on paint jobs, scratches, scrapes, and even dirt and grime. Though regular washing of your car is still the best way to keep your car looking at its best condition, Singaporean car enthusiasts have come to appreciate the need for regularly polishing their cars. A car polish may be a liquid, spray, or cream as well as abrasive and non-abrasive. You may need to have at least a car polish for each type as the different types are designed to remedy different car paint problems.



If you have a car that has long been neglected and in need of major renovations when it comes to its surface appearance, compound car polish is what you need. Compounds are the most aggressive type of car polish and are only recommended to use when necessary. These are great in taking care of cars that need major makeovers and those that have wet sanding marks. This kind of car polish leaves off some traces of hazing, marring, and the like so you should use a follow up car polish that is milder and finer.

Cutting Polishes

If your car has some moderate paint imperfections, a cutting polish is the car polish that will solve your problem. This car polish is similar to the Compound in which they both leave off traces of hazing, marring, and the like and require a follow up car polish that is milder and finer to cover off these traces and also to enhance the car paint’s depth and gloss. But unlike the Compound, a Cutting Polish is less aggressive and cannot be used for major car makeovers.


Finishing Polishes

These finishing polishes are the car polishes that are required to finish off the works of the more aggressive Compounds and Cutting Polishes. Without these Finishing Polishes, you won’t be able to achieve a perfect brand new look on your cars as these are responsible for erasing traces of marring, hazing, and holograms on the car surface. They also help give more depth to your car paint as well as a glossier look. However, these super light car polishes cannot be expected to erase more complex traces such as a light swirl mark.

Paint Cleaners

Another type of a car polish is the paint cleaner. You use paint cleaner if you want to achieve a more in depth glossier look on your car paint while prepping it up for a car sealant or wax. This car polish may be micro-abrasive or non-abrasive.


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