Television and Radio Growth and Revenue

All radio channels are operated by government owned units. Since Singapore is located close to Malaysia and Indonesia, almost all radio and television sets can pick up broadcast signals from both the countries. It is assumed that there are about 2.55 million radio sets in the country according to a report in 1997. As of March 2006, there are 19 FM stations. Foreign stations if having a strong signal can be found on the AM dial only between dusk to dawn but diurnally. There is also the provision of DAB stations which is operated by MediaCorp by using the digital audio broadcasting technology which broadcast eight FM stations and six digital-only stations.

The government heralds a strict control over the regulation of television in Singapore. MediaCorp is a government owned unit that enjoys displaying over terrestrial television channels; the other cable operator in the island is StarHub. The only other rival of MediaCorp was SPH Media Works which ceased transmission from 2005 due to the media merger with MediaCorp. As of 1997, there are around 1.3 million television sets in the country but private ownership of satellite dishes is banned.

In 2005, the revenue of the telecommunications sector grew by 8.9% to reach a figure of S$37.89 billion and the overall demand rose by 11%. It is projected that in 2006 the revenue will again face an increase of 6%, which even though is lower than the previous year, is nevertheless quite a remarkable percent of increase.

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