Teens and Trends

Choosing a guy most especially when you are a teenager is very easy. However, it is just a decision that teens do because they want to follow the trend. Most of the time, it is like that. Actually, teenage girls are very sociable and trendy. So, whatever their friends own or have, they would also want to have it. This is what’s happening nowadays.


Most children miss the chance to learn on how to properly know the guy you want without relying on lipsticks and make-ups. In this period, there are so many girls that will just some sexy shirts and then go. Although it is not applicable most especially to teenagers, adults have nothing to do to stop it.


Even if you get mad at them, they will only become rebellious and is very difficult get along. If you are a parent, you actually have a stand about this but as time goes by, you have to accept that things are changing. You may not like it but you have nothing to do about it. It’s the world’s common things.

Now, if for example, you are on your child’s shoes, would you like to listen to your parent who always scold you about the changes in this planet? Indeed, you will but what can they do? All they can do is just get mad at you or maybe speak at you sincerely. Actually, there’s nothing good or bad if you scold your children about what they wear as long as you do not control their minds.