Singtel’s Rebranded Logo

Singtel is one of the biggest and most established telecommunications company, serving Singaporean consumers since 1879. At present time, they have millions of subscribers in and out of Singapore. After a long 16 years of having the same logo, the telecom giant decided to revamp their company logo and unveil it to the public on January 21, 2015.

Singtel Masterbrand Logo Colour

The rebranded logo retains the signature colors of Singtel, red and black, but the arc in the old logo was replaced by small red circles that forms an arc above the company’s name. According to Singtel’s press release, the arc is said to signify the gradual growth and improvement of the company each day.

Company representatives say that the revamped logo also means that the company will be striving hard to bring their services to another level, making each day an evidence of progress in providing telecommunication services to its subscribers.


The rebranding also shows people who are unsatisfied with the Singtel’s services that the company will make sure to show a consistent upgrade in the services they provide. The company is currently focused on the making small but quick improvements in the aspects that the customers are more concerned of.

The new logo will be a sign of promise by the company to its users that they will continue to find ways to show that there is significant improvement in how they provide services. Furthermore, the company also will work on upgrading their applications and other online services, and hire agreeable and efficient staff. Singtel is also investing a lot in gathering feedback from its customers to determine which aspects of their service they need to develop more.


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