Singapore a Trusted Telecommunication Country

The term telecommunication is used to denote the transmission of information in order to communicate over a considerable distance. In the early ages, telecommunications mainly involved beacons, smoke symbols, signal flags, heliographs. But with the advancement in science and technology these methods were abandoned quickly and more modern methods of communicating came into existence with the help of electricity and electronic devices –telegraphs, telephones, radios, fiber optics and their associated electronics, the television, satellites and finally the internet.

Telecommunications play an important role in the world economy; it is estimated that the telecommunication sector generated a revenue of $3.85 trillion in 2008. Singapore is a highly urbanized and a major cosmopolitan country in the south east, with a suave and urbane culture. Thus it is only natural that the telecommunications infrastructure spans over the entire city-state.

Nearly all inhabited parts of the island have access to communication and are well connected. In a survey conducted in 1998, it has been estimated that there were around 55 million phone lines and about 47 million lines for the fax machines in Singapore. The telecommunication industry in Singapore has even installed underwater pipes that leads to the other Southeast Asian countries of Malaysia, Indonesia and Phillipines.

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