Safe Food for Summer Outdoor Party

Summer is coming and, most probably, many of us are already on the plan for a bbq cookout party. However, keep in mind that hot seasons, like summer, are the waiting period for all types of food illnesses. Keep your family and loved ones safe from any food related diseases by following these bbq food safety precautions.

Personal hygiene. Always start the kitchen chores with clean hands. Most food poisoning and health issues are caused by people who do the cooking without washing their hands. Aside from that, raw meats and foods are also good dwelling places of surface bacteria, so keeping them chilled or frozen is highly advisable.

Keep raw foods frozen. Keep all the meat chilled and frozen until used. By this, there’s no chance for bacteria to reproduce. Also, it is best to have your fridge well-organized, so you won’t have to pull everything out whenever you need something.

Cook the food thoroughly. One of the causes of food-related diseases is the underdone cooking. And raw food contains clusters of harmful bacteria, which if not removed can cause health problems. That’s why thorough cooking of the food is important to ensure complete elimination of harmful microorganisms.

Food serving. Keep cold foods cold and hot foods hot. If serving cold salads, maintain its low temperature by serving them on ice beds. For grilled foods, keep them warm by putting them on the grill to maintain hotness until it’s time to serve. It is also best if the food served will be eaten immediately to avoid build-up of germs and bacteria.

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