Reasons Why Some Individuals Choose to Remain Single

There’s nothing more irritating for Singaporean women than constantly being asked by family members, relatives, friends, and just about everyone else just why they’re still single. Being single or single blessedness is most often not a matter of choice but there are individuals who prefer to remain single. Society is more understanding when such individuals are men and a little skeptical when they hear women making the same decisions. Undoubtedly, there are plenty of happiness one can gain from getting married and building a family but single folks have their own share of happiness, too. Here are some reasons why some individuals choose to remain single:


They are more focused on their career and personal growth

Some individuals are so caught up in the rat race and are successful at it that they perceive marital commitments as hindrances. They have seen how some successful individuals have taken a step back in their careers or have completely sacrificed their blossoming job just to build a family and they don’t think these are wise decisions. They believe there’s still much to achieve in their career and personal growth that they’re not willing to put it at stake just for personal relationships.

They do not want to commit

Some of these individuals value their freedom so much that they have realized they may not want to commit in a marital relationship at all. Probably, they’ve been single for a long time and have grown very comfortable with it that the thought of committing themselves to only one person for the rest of their life seem like a horrible thought.


They do not think they’re ready yet

There are those who always have reasons to consider themselves as not yet ready to get married. They may claim to be not financially stable yet and can’t imagine how they can provide for more than themselves. Or they may claim that they’re not yet mentally or emotionally ready. Bottomline, they’re just not ready yet.

They do not want to go through marital breakups

There are also those individuals who were raised in broken dysfunctional families and probably have gone through painful breakups from their long-term relationships. Or they just know too many people – almost everyone they know – who have ended up divorced or unhappily married. So they think they’re making a wise decision by simply choosing not to get married.


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