Places You Must Not Miss in Visiting Singapore

Is it your first time to visit Singapore or have you already been here for a couple of times? Whatever your answer is, I know that you already have an idea that this country is a country of fines and high taxes, so make sure to prepare your law-abiding behaviour and discipline because you are going to need that. Nonetheless, far more than this trademark of Singapore, what you should prepare for is your adventurous nature because this behaviour can lead you to the best places in Singapore.


Let your audacious feet take you to the historically significant places here like the Merlion which is located in Singapore River Bank. Merlion, a combination of mermaid and lion, is Singapore’s national symbol which is said to symbolize Singaporeans’ wisdom, courage and strength. Also visit the National Museum of Singapore, a place that boasts its innovative nature despite being one of the oldest museums in Singapore. This museums’ does not box itself to the traditional museum of exhibiting artefacts, but they also hold festivals and events from time to time.

Natural landscapes, fresh wind, interesting species of animals and a blend of colors from the environment will keep your eyes and mind astonished as you visit Singapore’s natural tourist spots. Jurong Bird Park or known as the “Heaven of Birds” is the home of 8500 different species of birds. Many of the birds are flying free; you can have photo opportunities with them. If you have the green thumb, and you are interested to plants, Singapore Botanic Garden is a place you should be in. You can see 2,000 hybirds of orchids and 1,000 different species of plants for free and sweat free because it is very near the city.


Of course, no tourist will forget to get a tour to Singapore’s developed yet clean and amazing city center. Once you are here, make sure to go to Marina Bay Sands, have a dive to their infinity pool and pick a restaurant to satisfy your taste buds. Suntec City can be a place where you can buy souvenirs or just capture a couple of pictures. Henderson Bridge, Esplanade, Singapore Flyer and more architectural wonders can also be located here.



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