Outdoor Activities in Singapore for Adventure Seekers

Singapore is a very developed city. It is one of the countries that caters job for people of all nationalities. Buildings to cater thousands of jobs are built. Buildings are also the home of many workers as the famous housing type in Singapore is apartment and condominiums. Behind this concrete jungle look of Singapore, there many different activities which entail getting close to nature, getting up-close to animals and plants and really experiencing nature at its finest. If you want these types of activities, here are the things you should do and go to in Singapore.


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  • Jurong Bird Park: Jurong Bird Park is the home of 8,000 birds which are under 600 different species. Many of them are freely roaming around the park, so park goers can interact and have pictures with them. There are also bird shows where bird trainers show the tricks they taught to parrots and other birds. Hornbills and toucans are the most famous bird in Jurong Park. Kids and aviary enthusiasts will surely love the scenes.
  • The Rink: Are you an aspiring Olympic skater or do you love watching ice skating? Do it yourself by visiting The Rink at JCube. This activity can be a good recreational activity after a tiring day, and it is also a good form of exercise. JCube also has shops and food stalls which you can go to after skating.


  • Pasir Ris Park Mangrove Boardwalk: Flora and fauna education will welcome you as you enter the Pasir Park Mangrove Boardwalk. Be informed and relaxed as you walk along the park. If you want some action, this park also offers activities like pony rides, cycling, water sports, skating and one can even have a picnic here as grills are offered for rentals. This place is perfect for families who want bonding and learning for their children.

These are only some of the places one can have adventures in Singapore, but there are a whole lot more. Singapore is a host for diving enthusiasts and there are many diving centres which can be found here. Recreation plays like paintball, laser clay shooting and zorbing can also be dome and found in different areas in Singapore. Singapore is truly a place for adventure lovers.

Pasir Ris Park Mangrove Swamp

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