Leading Companies in Singapore Build Trust

Singapore known to have achieved tremendous economic success in nearly less than a century beating Hong Kong in the bargain is now a rich and powerful country in spite of having just 700 sq. km space and no natural resources at all. Singapore has developed in every area possible, starting from local businesses to its top businesses. But what makes Singapore special, is its capability and power that makes it, what it is today.

There have been many important contributions to the country, one of its main contributions being its top businesses. One of its important businesses has been the Flextronics International Singapore Pte Ltd which focuses on delivering good services to technology firms. They provide logistics, design, manufacturing and engineering operations in 29 different countries as well as 5 continents. Caltex Corp is another important and well known business firm who happened to be Singapore’s title sponsor. Among others are Singapore Telecommunications also known as SingTel which deals with internet services, telecommunication, pay TV and info communications technology. SingTel has definitely made its mark in Singapore paving way for important stakes with many telecommunication companies across India, Australia, Thailand and many other places.

Singapore airlines – Has not only led to Singapore’s growth but is also the world’s leading carrier. It has survived 60 years or innovation and has satisfied its customers enough. What makes Singapore Airlines special is their well educated and trained staff. The Singapore Changi Airport has been given equal importance as well. All these has led to an increase in consumer trust gained over the many years of hard work and good service.

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