Introvert: Spotting the Signs  


We wrongly assume that introverts keep to themselves and dislike the people around them. It is time that we understand being an introvert so we can change the way we see them. The good news is that Susan Cain showed us a different picture of introvert in her book Quiet: The Power of Introverts in a World That Can’t Stop Talking.


According to Susan, introverts can be interested and warm towards others. There is a stigma attached to being an introvert and it is time that we see introversion positively. Here are some signs of being an introvert:

  • Enjoying “me-time”: When we have the chance to take a break, our ideal rest and recreation is being alone and spend our time reading, watching movies or listening to music. That “me-time” is crucial in our wellbeing although we still enjoy get-togethers. We do not get bored easily because we enjoy reflecting on our own thoughts; we do not need social stimulation to have a good time.
  • Thinking is at its best when alone: We welcome discussions and meetings but our thinking is better when we are left alone. When we are alone, we can think of a creative solution and reflect quietly on it.
  • Introvert-signs

  • Others ask our opinion: Extraverts take the centre stage and voice their thoughts loudly. Although the opinions of extraverts are considered, most of the time, people will value the words of introverts because we have the ability to focus their attention and thoughts.
  • The last one to raise hands: Extraverts always raise hands first. If we are content to sit back and listen to others, we are indeed introverts but that doesn’t mean we know less, we just do not like the limelight.
  • Often wears headphones in public: Introverts often wear headphones in public because they do not want to interact with strangers (of course no one needs to know whether there’s music coming out or not).
  • We do not engage with people who are upset or angry: Introverts avoid the negative evaluations by dodging people who are upset or angry. Extraverts will not care of the mood but introverts are more sensitive to it.
  • We receive more emails, text and calls than we make: Unless we do not have a choice, we do not email, text and calls. Most of the time, we receive more emails, texts and calls than we make. This is a typical sign of being an introvert.

We have to think about the signs and honestly evaluate ourselves. There are Singaporeans who are introvert and there is nothing wrong with it. In fact, being an introvert has advantages. We do not need to think that introverts are indifferent.