How to Prevent Rat Infestation


The National Environmental Agency (NEA) launched a national programme that seeks to track rat burrows twice a year. As of November 2013, NEA counted about 4,100 rat burrows in HDB (Housing Development Board) flats. This number is low compared to the 7,300 rat burrows in 2011. With this, NEA called pest control agencies to handle rat infestation. Affected areas include 12 areas in Heartland.

Rats are a serious problem. Its existence in your home poses a threat.  A pair of rat can have thousands of descendants a year. They can gnaw your wood, cloth, plaster, pipe and many more. How can you know your home is infested? If you notice signs of gnawing (in your windows, doors and other things), holes or burrows and droppings, it is clear that they are present in your house.

If rats are already in your home, you should do something about it. Here are some ways that you can do to prevent rat infestation:


  • Take Away Food

Rats are attracted to food. They like to eat your food scraps and spills. Knowing that, you should take away the food source so they will not wander around. If you throw your garbage, make sure that your trash cans have lids. More importantly, do not leave your food in the open because they will only consume that.

  • Take Away Water

Did you know that rats can tread in water? You should be careful of your water because it might be compromised. You have to be sure that all your faucets are not leaking or turned off. If you have pets, clear their food counters and water dishes after eating because it will attract rats.

  • Take Away Shelter

Rats will reside if they built their shelter somewhere in your house. It is important to remove their shelter. The first thing that you should do is throw the trash every day. Do not allow it to accumulate in your yards for a few days. If you have tall high weeds, make sure to cut and maintain it. If you see any holes, you have to cover it right away. More importantly, you have to go through your attic and get rid of the things that you do not need.

If all things are not working well, it is time to call for professionals. Contact pest control agencies right away before they grow nigger. Do not let rats reside in your house. It is unsanitary. They carry millions of germs and bacteria that can affect the health of the whole family.

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