How to Care for Your Action Figures Collection

Collecting action figures takes time and money. This type of investment should be cared for because you could pass it on to your children and even make money from it in the future. That is why it’s important to take care of the items so that they will last longer.

Proper Storage of Action Figures
Storing action figures that are still in boxes is much easier than the loose ones. If you decide to hide them instead of displaying, follow these steps to avoid damaging your collection.

1. Remove all batteries (if any) and detachable electronic parts if you’re not planning to take it out of the box or shelf for a long time. The batteries could corrode and rust.
2. If you’re not using the original box, place them in resealable plastic bags. Separate the accessories and place labels on the plastic covers. Use only polypropylene bags because most plastic are made from acidic materials that can deteriorate the paint over time.
3. If you don’t like how resealable bags look, you can use large containers for storage. Pick a box or chest that can be sealed properly. Any type of storage will do. You should still place each figure and accessories in bags, however, to avoid scratches.
4. Besides boxes and plastic containers, you can always store them in your closet or on a display cabinet. Loose action figures are better off displayed than stored (that’s what your collection is for anyway). If you want to keep them in pristine condition, avoid too much handling of the products.
5. Boxed figures also need to be cared for. The plastic used could also damage the paint job over time. The box could also get wet, damaged and crushed when not handled properly. Avoid storing them in places where they are exposed to direct heat or cold.

Displaying Your Action Figures
Most collectors display their figures in glass cabinets, open bookshelves, and hang them on walls or peg boards. Regardless of where you place them, the following should be observed:

1. Never expose them to direct sunlight, heat and cold. Keep them away from windows as much as possible.
2. Avoid overcrowding figures when displaying. They could tangle, loosen or break when one is knocked over.
3. The figures must be placed in an area where the room temperature is constant most of the time. Don’t place them either in humid areas because the plastic will melt.

4. Boxed figures should be protected from heat, dust and humidity. The box isn’t the perfect storage and protection for your collection. Place these boxes away from heat and cold. The original package could loosen or melt when exposed to sunlight and heat.
5. Inspect your collection once in a while but avoid handling them too much. Even the oil from your skin can damage the packaging and the action figures.
6. Clean the figures when they get dirty. Most of them can be soaked in water and soap. If not, you can remove dust using canned air.

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