How to Avoid Being Molested While in Public

On December 1, 2013, a 23 year old girl was molested by a 30 year old man at the bus. The man sat beside her and took advantage of her but before he alighted, he was apprehended by the passengers. The passengers then notified the police. Good thing the girl alerted the passengers.


The world is a dangerous place. As much as possible you pray and hope that you will not be a victim of any crime and offences but you have to accept that bad people will strike anytime and anywhere. It is a sad fact that as a woman, you are highly vulnerable to crimes and offences. To avoid being a victim, you can do the following precautions:

1. Do not go to crowded places. While there is nothing wrong if you go to crowded places, you should remember that other people will see this as an opportunity. They will touch you and blame everything to the crowd.

2. Do not share taxi with a stranger. It is good to be compassionate sometimes but if it means undermining your safety, do not think about it. You should not share your taxi with a stranger.

3. Do not walk alone. It is good if you are with friends when you walk but there will come a time that you need to walk alone. When this happens, avoid dark places. Go for public streets that are well lit and avoid narrow pathways.

4. Carry pepper spray always. When all else fails, your pepper spray can increase your chances of survival. When someone dares to touch you or attack you, you need to utilize your pepper spray.

Those are just things that you can observe or practice. If someone molests you despite your best efforts, you should react at once. Like what the girl did, you need to alert other people of the act so they can help you.

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