How important are Counter Surveillance Measures?

Everyone uses their smartphones for almost everything. It is utilised for communication, business works, entertainment, and other things. Along with the benefits of using phones is the possibility of being bugged. That is why many individuals are using counter surveillance to keep their phones protected from these nasty bugs.

But, before anything else, do you know what counter surveillance is?

Counter surveillance pertains to the processes carried out to avoid or boycott surveillance. Back then, this is just utilised by big firms and government agencies to keep their information from harmful hackers as well as their rivals. But now, any person can use it as everyone is now vulnerable to being bugged.

Counter surveillance often includes techniques like the detection of surveillance tools and bug sweeping or technical surveillance countermeasures (TCSM). Technical surveillance countermeasures is the more technical term to electronic bug sweeping. In case your phone has any trace of bugs, your preferred counter surveillance company should eliminate it and do other kinds of countermeasures to prevent it from taking place again. This technique is kind of complicated and only professionals can do this.

Now, the signs of phone bugging are rather common and simple that you have probably encountered them yet ignored them. Continue reading to find out whether your phone’s a victim of bugging and to discover if you need to have bug detection and perhaps, a bug sweeping service now.

Signs That You’re Phone Has Been Bugged

  1. You’re having trouble shutting down your phone. This is one of the most common signs that the phone has been tapped. Since it is being used to spy on you, the individuals who planted the bug are most likely focused listening to your calls or getting your documents that is why the shutdown process is being delayed. In most instances, the backlight stays on even if you already turned off your phone. If you have noticed that this occurs quite a lot, then maybe bug detection is a good course of action. Or maybe you just need to have your phone checked out for problems.
  2. You hear clicking and static noises when you make and receive calls. Most likely, you’ve seen this happen a lot in films. And although it has been slightly exaggerated and sensationalised by shows, this still is one indicator that maybe someone is eavesdropping and documenting your calls. If there are unusual noises, it may be an indicator that your phone call has been passed on to somebody else who’s going to listen to your conversation.
  3. You receive coded text messages. This is actually a clear sign that an intruder has accessed your message logs. Buggers also make use of this to contact the people and make them aware that they’ve been bugged. If you ever receive coded messages, better check out a surveillance agency and acquire their bug sweeping process immediately.

The indications are quite common, any individual can experience them. You might like to acquire counter surveillance methods right away, however, you mustn’t rush into conclusions without collecting a sufficient amount of proof. Be vigilant all the time and get assistance from dependable surveillance companies if necessary.