Health Screening to Assess Your Health

How’s your health? Are you taking the necessary steps to maintain a healthy body?

Remember that eating healthy foods and having regular exercise may not guarantee a strong and vigorous body. It doesn’t follow that you are already immune to all kinds of medical problems once you observe the basics. There are still major and contributing factors that may inflict diseases on you unexpectedly and untimely.

Health Screening Tests Defined
Health screening packages offered and conducted in Singapore are procedures that are performed to a person to help test, assess and identify the presence of a particular disease. Basically it is conducted to detect a health problem before its external signs and symptoms are revealed. It differs from a regular check-up in such that there is a targeted health condition that a patient wants to know if he or she has risk factors for having that specific disease.

Example of Health Screening: Cancer Screening Test
For example, a patient has a strong medical background for cancer. He wants to know if there are chances that he will also develop cancer, and so he submits himself for a Singapore health screening process. For that, he needs to undergo several tests and examinations in order to find out if he has a lot of risk factors leading to cancer.

Cancer is not easily detected because a person who has it doesn’t exhibit any of its signs or symptoms at early stages. Therefore, cancer screening tests are vitally important to discover the existence of the deadly disease before its signs and symptoms become obvious and the condition gets unmanageable. Once cancer has progressed to its terminal stage, it becomes difficult to treat – and sometimes, impossible.

Commonly Screened Health Conditions
Aside from cancer of all types, the most common health problems that Singapore medical professionals screen include diabetes, osteoporosis, high blood pressure and high cholesterol, which may lead to cardiovascular disease.

Health Screening Procedure
During a health screening, you discuss with a physician or general practitioner your personal and family medical history. Based from his evaluation of your medical history, he will let you know of the possible diseases you might also have. Then a set of tests and examinations will be conducted on you to further assess your risk factors for the specific diseases. Screenings may include physical exam, blood and urine tests, blood pressure reading, x-ray, ultrasound, electrocardiogram, or CT scan.

Expertise of a Health Professional

Health screening packages may still be of little value if without your health care provider’s knowledge and expertise. As a medical professional, he must be able to thoroughly evaluate your health screening results. He must also be able to explain everything to you clearly so that necessary precautions and treatment will immediately be conducted on you should there be a need to do so.

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