Facebook Habits Gone Bad  


When Mark Zuckerberg created Facebook, he meant well. He wanted to connect people regardless of the distance and the age. You have to thank him for his good intentions. Many years after, billions of people are connected via Facebook making it one of the largest social media network on earth. Facebook has become a platform for socialization.


Instantaneously, Facebook became other people’s passion. There are some who feel restless when they do not open their account. Some critics think Facebook is counterproductive and it can even harness evil-intentions but whatever they think, you cannot deny that Facebook has been helpful in terms of reconnecting.

Facebook merely intend to reconnect people but there are cases that it is the cause of some rifts. What are some habits in Facebook that can turn-off friends or that can create rifts? You have to know so you can avoid it. Here are some habits that can shun your already-friends and potential-friends:


  • Showing and sharing many photos: There is nothing wrong if you share some photos every now and then but if it becomes a habit – like posting every 30 minutes, it is madness. Even if you post photos of something that does not involve you directly, other people will think that you are just boasting. Many experts actually warn from posting too much. Before you post a photo, you have to think first of how others will perceive it. Yes, sharing can be a good way to foster relationships but if mishandled, it can damage.
  • Posting close-up photos: You are gorgeous but you do not need to remind the world or in this case – to our Facebook friends. Selfies are popular but if you are fond of posting close-up photos, you might lessen it a bit or if it can’t be helped, keep it to your phones and do not bother posting it.
  • Accepting too many friends: There is nothing wrong if you want to make Friends but Facebook is not a contest of accepting and inviting as many “friends” as you can. It is focused rather on the quality of the relationship. Experts believe that some people with too many friends “add” out of desperation rather than likeability or popularity which forfeits the purpose of the site.

Sometimes, you do not notice that you are showing some bad habits mentioned above. You have to avoid it before it is too late. Remember that rifts are hard to mend. The trick here is not to spend so much time in Facebook and spend more quality time with the people around us – physically.


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