Epi Lasik and Singapore Eye Surgeon Procedures

The information acquired aid the Singapore Lasik surgeon to know the area as well as location of the corneal tissue to be alleviated. LASIK eye surgery does not need the use of anesthesia during the operation. Hence, on the three step Lasik procedures the patient is awake. However, a Lasik surgeon also uses anesthetic eye drops and mild sedatives. There is also corneal suction employed to let the eye stay permanent on the entire procedure. The flap is made through the aid of mechanical microkeratone.

The smalls bubbles formed inside the cornea let the Singapore surgeon lift other end of the made flap. Stroma is uncovered and excimer laser is employed to recharge the area. After that, LASIK flap is vigilantly relocated through the aid of natural adhesion.

All About Healing

Immediately after Singapore LASIK eye surgery, there is blurred vision experience. There could also sort of itchiness and burning feeling within. Discomfort and pain could also be felt. The Epi Lasik Surgeon might prescribe medication for pain relief. The eyes might also become watery and feeling of urge to rub the eye unconsciously that must be prevented from doing it. Rubbing the eye could cause the dislodging of flap that will definitely need additional treatment. In addition, eyes turns to be more sensitive to light and glare where in there are holes seen on the surrounding of light sources. The eyes whites might as well as become bloodshot. Hence, Lasik Singapore patients are advised to use darkened glasses to protect the eyes light sources. The complete lasik singapore healing might take about one week, but 24 hours past the Singapore Lasik surgery, the feeling is much better. After one week, improvement in the vision will then be observed. Right after the Singapore Epi Lasik surgery, the Lasik doctor will inform the Lasik patient regarding the after Lasik operation restrictions to follow as well as medical brochure that contains the fundamental information about Singapore LASIK eye surgery and the right methods to observe in order to easily and rapidly recover from Lasik.

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